Hi, this is Yorgos KC.IMG_0034cb-NewAvatarddBetter Finaldsmallb

I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and have lived most of my life there.

I started writing stories in elementary school. Nothing special of course, although I had some interesting ideas then, but they didn’t come out on the paper readable. Well, I was a little kid.

Most of my writing is in Greek, and unpublished anyhow, and most of it was never meant to be published either.

I mostly write love stories, or stories including romance. Most of them gay in nature. I have written some straight love stories, but they aren’t any good.

I also write some more mythical or epic stories sometimes, or however you name them. Also some of what I call philosophical literature.

I’ve tried several times to write detective stories. I would love to write a good one, but haven’t managed to do it until now.

Many of my stories have metaphysical and supernatural elements, or even are based on the subject. That happens because this is also one of my interests in “real” life.

To answer some of your common questions:

What KC stands for?
They are the initials of two names of a immaterial being I feel close to me.

Are you gay?
I’m probably bi, but mostly yes, I’m gay.

How old are you?
My body is older than the one of a teenager’s, but my soul is always 18yo.

Why don’t you post a face picture?
I want to keep my private life separated from my “public” life. I know I’m not famous… yet 🙂 but I hope I’ll become. As a face-less Yorgos KC though.

What to know more about me? Find me on Twitter as @YorgosKC and on Wattpad as @YorgosKC.

Always be happy and gay even if you are not gay!

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