Selfy - An interview with an imaginary character


An interview with an imaginary character


“Who are you calling an imaginary character?”

“Ehm… You?”

“Ok! Prove it, then!”

“I’ve created you!”

“Oh, get serious! You’ve even tweeted about it! In order for something to exist in this world, it should pre-exist in the world of the ideas. Isn’t it so?”


“Then, I pre-existed. I simply gave you the pleasure of meeting me, and writing about me. If I didn’t exist before you ‘imagined’ me, you wouldn’t be able to ‘imagine’ me. Now, if we also consider that the world of ideas exists since before the material one came to be, you can understand I’m something like a God to you! Worship me, then!”

“Are you nuts, Selfy? You, a God? More like a demon!”

“Then, fear me! Tremble in front of me! Kneel and beg me for mercy!!!”

“Hey, look!!! I didn’t imagine you! I imagined Greg, and you are just his imaginary friend. So, Greg pre-existed, but not you!”

“Cute! You’ve just called me a Supreme Archetype. The God of the Gods, or the Demon of the Demons! Wise of you to realise that.”

“You are double imaginary, so you are not even imaginary!”

“If I’m double imaginary, then I’m real. Do the maths! i*i=-1 and -1 is a real number.”

“Oh, dear Gods!”

“Call us Selfy!”

“How can a sweet, dear boy like Greg have you as his self?”

“What can I say? I have all the good points and he was left with none! And, I’m not Gregory’s self. He is mine!”

“Ok, ok! Let’s just start again, shall we?”

“Sure! Let’s do that! Yorgos KC – An interview with an imaginary character!”

“Now I am the imaginary character?”

“Can you prove you are not?”

“… I’m not!”

“Yeah! Convincing argument. Not!”

“You don’t intend to do this seriously, are you?”

“Are you serious?”

“Thought so!”


Important note: Yorgos KC is not an imaginary character. He is actually the blogger of this site.

Who is Selfy? Find him in “Gregory Kirk” by clicking here.

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